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HEBREW for children phraseguide

It is so much fun to learn HEBREW! With this phrase guide – your child will learn 160 words, phrases and expressions that every child will be happy to chat with them in Hebrew.
Each Hebrew word or phrase is presented in a unique colored screen, that composes not only the English translation - but mainly it's full transliteration - that is, writing the Hebrew word in Latin characters - a unique feature that enables the newcomer to pronounce and rehearse instantly!

Moreover, each Hebrew word or phrase is always read and narrated twice – to give plenty of time to absorb and learn the new language.

This phrase guide has 6 chapters, all from our everyday life:

Chapter 1: general terms
Chapter 2: my family
Chapter 3: in the morning
Chapter 4: at noon
Chapter 5: in the evening
Chapter 6: on Shabbat

After each session (chapter) comes a short quiz, just to give confidence and to make sure we remember what we have just learned …

Enjoy learning Hebrew!

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